Liefde, blijdschap, vrede
love, joy, peace

Er zit een liedje in mijn hoofd. Sinds zondag, het kinderliedje “Liefde, blijdschap, vree-hee-hee-de, goedheid en ook trouw, wil de heer je geven, door de Heil’ge Geest in jou!”. Het is grappig hoe zo’n liedje je gedachten kan gaan bepalen. Dit liedje geeft in elk geval voor mij nu verrassend bemoedigende antwoorden op vragen die … Continue reading Liefde, blijdschap, vrede

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Living through Grief
My grandmother with my daughter

The recent deaths of some people I loved have brought a sad turmoil in my mind: lots of memories, of these people, of other loved ones who died, worries about the immediate family, existential questions, thoughts about the fleetingness of life and gratitude for love. All these thoughts tumble about in my head, and I … Continue reading Living through Grief

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The name you can say
A loving couple

“The name you can say isn’t the real name”: Old Chinese wisdom from the booklet Tao Te Ching that I discovered recently. It begins with this wonderful expression of the paradoxical nature of things I enjoy pondering. The saying reminds me that there are things in life that really exist, but can never be fully … Continue reading The name you can say

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Love loves love

I’ve embarked on the daunting project of trying to make sense of the Trinity. Daunting indeed, because really, I am quite sure that my brain is too limited to understand God. Still, I wish fervently to be open to reality and get to know whatever God wants to show us of himself, just in order … Continue reading Love loves love

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Julian of Norwich

A book review of ‘The complete Julian‘. A modern translation of all the writings of Julian of Norwich. Reading this book is a bit like having a mystical experience. Julian describes the visions that she has had in such a natural and realistic way that it feels as if I could watch over her shoulder … Continue reading Julian of Norwich

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