Rest from God’s work

A short reflection on Exodus 35:3 “You shall kindle no fire in all your dwelling places on the Sabbath day.” The Lord strictly forbids the Israelites to kindle a fire on sabbath. I am reminded of the Jews who, to this day, won’t turn on an engine or light on sabbath. It seems strange that … Continue reading Rest from God’s work

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Watching the night
Starry Night over the Rhone, by Van Gogh

I look Into the night. It seems to be at rest. This moment when the people sleep, So still. I feel The eerie light, It cools my fevered mind. The silence slowly teaches me: Be still. I see The quiet space. My soul that would not sleep, Now, watching in the night, receives Some peace.

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De zon streelt de gouden bladeren //
De aarde houdt haar adem in //
De tijd van afscheid is gekomen //
Nu nog de verwondering.

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